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The Pirates of Venus

The Pirates of Venus
The Pirates of Venus
auf rod-gau.de seit 10.11.2007
Founded in 1996 as Los Wrestling Mariachis these weird guys are still playing a dirty kind of Punk & Roll & Surf. Influenced by mid sixties garage Punkrockers like The Sonics, The Chocolate Watchband, The Seeds and by the surfsounds of Dick Dale, The Novas or The Trashmen they try to kick the spirit of Rock’n’Roll into the 21st century. After losing two members in 2002 they recruited a new crew, changed their name into The Pirates of Venus, did some recording sessions and played shows with Dead Moon, The Baywatchers, The Razorblades, Robert & The Roboters, Ska-P, The Rock’n’Roll Storm Troopers, The Riotears and other sick saviours of Rock’n’Roll. With the new drummer, who joined the band in the beginning of 2006, the Pirates get wilder than ever. Using more fuzz and less reverb these old farts will drive you crazier than any teenage-lifestyle-punk-kiddies, who cry to mummy after drinking two beers. If you wanna see The Pirates of Venus on your stage, don’t be afraid to call them, but make sure, that you have enough beer and booze. If you do that, The Pirates will make your hips shake and your bones shiver.
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The Pirates of Venus
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