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4th.Inc. - Creed

4th.Inc. - Creed
upload am 30.08.2013
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Musik: 4thInc
Text: Aurora Ferrer Sancho
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As it is, it is righteous.
As it is, it is just.
The construction we put up
Truly bulwark we must.

What is left is a daily working scheme
Dutiful, respectful to those mesmerizing people
Keeping wealth and luck,
Hoarding crank`ly all control,
Victims of their own design,
Odd and queer, delirious kingdoms
Built on the disposals of a few autocrats,
Dancing in the shadows like
Demons worshiping delusions, eating ethics,
Withdrawin` every fright from sight,
Profiting behind one`s back,
Setting fire to our trust.
But our eyes are open, we stand, we wait,
We see, we know, we`re dignified.
Waiting for the sign, waiting for the sign,
started is the time-bomb.

As it is, it`s righteous but not keen enough on me.
As it is, it`s dust to dust to tumble.
As it was, the frantic bold construction you sold out
Finally will roughly crush.

What I`m left`s a scheme
For victims of their own design.
Odd and queer, delirious dancers
Eating wealth and trust.
But our eyes are open, we stand,
We wait, we see, we are dignified.

Waiting for a sign. Waiting for the sign.
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